Alamo Drafthouse floats idea of gender-neutral bathroom at Mueller

Alamo Drafthouse South Lamar and the Highball
Alamo Drafthouse South Lamar and the Highball. The gender-neutral bathoom was proposed for the upcoming Mueller location.

UPDATE: League clarified his comments Tuesday evening: “A clarification on the gender-neutral bathroom thread (there was some interesting discussion on Twitter that prompted this clarification). My intent on the previous post was to discuss architectural design details for the proposed bathroom. But as to “taking sides,” I have taken a side. My side is that bigotry and the associated violence and/or shaming stemming from your choice of stall is unacceptable. But changing that mindset is likely going to take a long time. My hope is that by changing the design of restrooms we can in the meantime avoid some potential violence.”


Alamo Drafthouse head cheese Tim League posted some thoughts on Facebook Tuesday on plans to perhaps build a gender-neutral  bathroom at the upcoming Alamo Mueller.

“The issue of gender neutral restrooms has gotten a bit… heated,” League wrote. “Instead of taking sides on whether or not sexual predators will be invading the restrooms of our stores or public schools, we’ve been thinking about what an inclusive commercial gender-neutral restroom design might look like so that these challenges are not even part of the dialogue.

“I’ve been working with our architect Richard Weiss for the past couple of weeks to come up with a restroom design for our upcoming Mueller location in Austin, Texas that 1) meets city codes, 2) is comfortable for all genders, and 3) gets the job done. The consensus was that we’d have a room with “standing” toilets (heck, we’re even looking at those all-gender urinals) and individual rooms with sinks, mirrors and trash cans in each room, our “seated” toilet area. I don’t want to have any “men” or “women” signs in the building.”

League attached a drawing of the bathroom’s potential layout to his Facebook page and welcomed comment.


Author: Joe Gross

Joe Gross has covered books, movies, music and culture for the American-Statesman since 2002. He tweets at @joegross.

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