UPDATE: Alamo Drafthouse founder says ‘The Interview’ screenings back on

UPDATE, 12/24 at 11:25 p.m.:  Starting at noon Central/1 p.m. Eastern, “The Interview” will be available on streaming services such as Google Play, YouTube, Xbox Video and others. It is priced at $5.99 to rent, $14.99 to own. Check out http://www.seetheinterview.com for details.

UPDATE, 12/23 at 12:40 p.m.:  Here is Tim League’s statement:

“We cannot imagine the pressures that have been affecting Sony, at all levels of the organization they have been under attack. Amidst this unwarranted chaos, they have regrouped and listened to the public, the government and the exhibition community and responded with resolve and determination. At 10:45 AM Sony bookers approved screenings at the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema and other arthouse and independent theaters across the country.

“This is the best Christmas gift anyone could give us. We, both distributors and exhibitors, have collectively stood firm to our principles and for the right to freedom of expression.

“Two days til Christmas, and I am proud to be an American.”

Alamo Lakeline,  Alamo Slaughter Alamo South Lamar and Alamo Ritz are all showing the film.

UPDATE, 12/23 at 11:00 a.m.: Alamo Drafthouse founder Tim League tweeted the following Tuesday morning:

This is just the latest twist in an increasingly weird story.

On Monday, the independent theater trade organization Art House Convergence (AHC) a change.org petition to Sony Pictures’ Michael Lynton and Amy Pascal, saying that, requesting that Sony let them screen The Interview in some form — once, for free, part of regular programming, whatever. (Alamo Drafthouse head cheese Tim League signed the petition, which can be found here.)

Variety is reporting that a number of theaters will be showing “the Interview.”

A statement from Tim League is forthcoming.

UPDATE: Sony Pictures has cancelled the Dec. 25 release of “The Interview” altogether.Here is Sony’s statement, pulled from a tweet from BuzzFeedEntmnt (@BuzzFeedEnt) :


EARLIER: The AMC, Regal and Cinemark theater chains have pulled “The Interview” —  the Seth Rogan/James Franco movie about two journalists assigned to assassinate Kim Jong-un — from its Dec. 25 release after hackers threatened violence against theaters, various outlets are reporting.

The Interview
The Interview

The Wrap reported Wednesday afternoon that the Austin press screening (which was slated for tonight) has been canceled, as have screenings in Baltimore, Cincinnati and Detroit.

A threat from Sony hackers posted Tuesday included references to a 9/11-style attacks to theaters showing the comedy.

Bow Tie Cinemas, Arclight Cinemas and Carmike Cinemas have also said they will not show the movie.

The Alamo Drafthouse, however, has not pulled it. Here is a tweet from Alamo programmer Greg MacLennan:

UPDATE: Schulman Theaters (in Bastrop, Palestine, Weatherford and Georgetown) has said they are still planning on showing the film.

Author: Joe Gross

Joe Gross has covered books, movies, music and culture for the American-Statesman since 2002. He tweets at @joegross.

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