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Texas ties run strong in these SXSW films

1:54 pm Mar. 15, 2017

Some were shot here. Some come from filmmakers who live here. And one is set in the Austin music scene (though our critic begs to differ). These are some of the movies with ties to

‘Honor Farm’ delightfully subverts horror genre at SXSW

4:24 pm Mar. 13, 2017

What a cool idea for a movie: Tell a story that subverts every aspect of the horror genre, not in a satirical way but in a sweet and very mushroom-trippy way.

That’s the essence of Austin director Karen Skloss’ “The Honor Farm,” which is part of the Midnighters section at South by Southwest.

This is Skloss’ first narrative feature, after a documentary feature about being an unwed mother called “Sunshine,” but you

‘Empire’ creator Lee Daniels gets emotional at SXSW keynote

7:51 pm Mar. 12, 2017

Director/producer Lee Daniels gave an emotional keynote address to SXSW on Sunday, detailing how he grew up in a rough neighborhood in Philadelphia, how he learned to fend for himself, how he eventually attended college, only to leave early because he wanted to head to Hollywood.

He talked of living in the back of a church, staging plays and finally getting a full-time job at a nursing agency, where he worked

‘Divine Divas’ salutes groundbreaking Brazilian artists

6:03 pm Mar. 12, 2017

With all of the bathroom debate going on at the state Capitol in Austin, SXSW has decided to highlight a new documentary about Brazilian performers who were born male and pursued a life of dressing up as women and singing — and “acting!”

“Divine Divas” tracks the lives of the first generation of Brazilian transvestite and drag artists of the 1960s. And yes, there’s a difference between transvestites and drag artists,

‘Pornocracy’ follows the changes in porn world

5:35 pm Mar. 12, 2017

“Pornocracy” takes a look at the porn industry from a self-described feminist perspective, so you might think it would be anti-porn. Not so fast.

The director is France’s one-name phenomenon and so-called “porn-star intellectual” Ovidie.

In a Q&A from the press kit, Ovidie describes how she Googled herself one day and found “certain pirated videos featuring me in them” and that they were on “Tube” sites, and that “it was impssible to get