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Austin Film Festival: Review of ‘Monsterman’

6:27 pm Nov. 4, 2015

What does a creative person do when he hits bottom? For Tomi Petteri Putaansuu (aka Mr. Lordi) the answer is double down on self-belief and bash on regardless.

Most American audiences likely aren’t familiar with the

Austin Film Festival 2015: Review of ‘Burning Bodhi’

9:35 pm Nov. 2, 2015

Ever since “The Big Chill” came out, filmmakers have chased the magical catharsis, humor and sexualized energy of the friends-coming-together-over-a-funeral genre.

When those friends have only been out of high school a few years, there is

Austin Film Festival: Review of ‘Memoria’

6:10 pm Nov. 2, 2015

You would be foolish to classify or categorize James Franco’s career. The tireless multi-hyphenate’s writing, producing, directing and acting work has touched on myriad subjects and themes, from the triumph of will to individual expression.

Austin Film Festival 2015: A Conversation with Norman Lear

1:49 pm Nov. 1, 2015

“Everybody Loves Raymond” and “I’ll Have What Phil’s Having” creator Phil Rosenthal chatted with legendary television creator Norman Lear about Lear’s life and experiences in television during the Austin Film Festival Saturday at the Intercontinental Stephen F.