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SXSW Film Review: “War On Everyone”

9:56 pm Mar. 14, 2016

Before the second screening of “War On Everyone” held at SXSW today, film programmer Jim Kolmar

introduced it by saying, “If you have a moral compass, you might want to smash it on the ground.”

To say

SXSW Film Review: “Born To Be Blue”

1:15 pm Mar. 14, 2016

The life and career of jazz musician Chet Baker could easily be turned into a mini-series. He had several defining eras to his career and they’re all fascinating in different ways. Canadian filmmaker Robert Budreau

SXSW Film review: ‘Artist & Repertoire’

11:58 am Mar. 14, 2016

In the music industry, an A&R person works to discover and sign new artists to a record label. Once signed, they help to oversee albums, securing producers and special guests to help make the project

SXSW Film review: ‘Slash’

7:56 pm Mar. 13, 2016

Austin-based filmmaker Clay Liford’s latest feature film had its world premiere at SXSW this afternoon to a packed crowd that included many cast and crew members. A broader adaptation of his own 2012 short film, “Slash” stars Michael Johnston (MTV’s “Teen Wolf”) as Neil, an awkward 15-year-old who spends nearly all of his free time writing fan fiction.

In case you’re unfamiliar, the world of “fan fic” is comprised of stories

SXSW Film review: ‘Loev’ succeeds

2:35 pm Mar. 13, 2016

In India, same-sex relationships are not only taboo, but also illegal. Just this past week, politicians there voted against decriminalizing gay sex. While the laws are not often enforced, LGBT people in India can risk life

SXSW Film Review: ‘Teenage Cocktail’

12:20 pm Mar. 13, 2016

When it picks up distribution, John Carchietta’s electrifying debut is set to strike fear into the hearts of parents across the country. What exactly are your teenagers doing when you’re not around?

Annie (Nichole Bloom) has had