Four sci-fi films we’re looking forward to this summer

Aliens, apes, other dimensions and a thousand planets. Here are four sci-fi films we’re looking forward to.

“War for the Planet of the Apes”


“Alien: Covenant.” Well, it certainly looks terrifying (and pretty gross). Ridley Scott continues his re-mining of the “Alien” franchise with this sequel to “Prometheus” starring Michael Fassbender, Katherine Waterston, Billy Crudup, Danny McBride, Demián Bichir and James Franco, whom I can easily see being destroyed by a xenomorph. Full review later this week. (May 19)


“Kill Switch.” Dan Stevens, so brilliant in FX’s “Legion,” starring in a lowish-budget sci-fi movie about inter-dimensional travel? Sign me up. COME ON, IT LOOKS FUN. (June 16)

“War for the Planet of the Apes.” I have warm feelings toward the rebooted Planet of the Apes series — it will never be as cool as the original, but what is? It’s Caesar the ape (Andy Serkis) versus Woody Harrelson and a whole mess of humans. Given the events of the past few years, it is pretty much impossible not to root for the apes. (July 14)

“Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets.” Oh, man. Luc Besson knocked it out of the park with the visual lunacy in “The Fifth Element,” which took a mess of inspiration from French sci-fi comics. So some of us have probably inappropriately high hopes for this adaptation of a French comic book space opera. We hold out hope for something seriously weird. (July 21)


Check out the full summer movie preview here.

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