This Lake Creek cinema has the best AND cheapest movie line-up in town


I love second run movie theaters. Love them.

In a contemporary cinema world dominated by silent reverence for whatever junk in on screen, discount/second-run cinemas feel more like old school movie-going.

I grew up with a great dollar theater in my hometown. Boy, did I kill a lot of time there.

The State Theater in Falls Church, Virginia, was built in 1936 and stayed a first run movie house for decades. After a few years as a second-run house, in which I saw virtually anything it showed for one whole dollar, it closed in 1988. Saved from destruction (to put in a big parking structure) by neighborhood protest, it is now a very successful live music venue.

The Southwest Theaters Lake Creek 7 has no such romantic history, but it has thrived as a discount/second-run theater. Shows before 6 p.m. at $2. Shows after 6 p.m. are $3 — and a $1.50 upcharge for 3-D.

And check out what’s playing this week:

The Oscar-winning “La La Land”

The multiple award-winning and incredibly popular “Hidden Figures”

The multiple award-winning “Lion”

“Rogue One: A Star Wars Story,” which passed the $1 billion mark, domestically

“Sing,” which kids seemed to love

Disney’s “Moana”

and “Split,” aka the first M. Night Shyamalan film in ages that hasn’t annoyed most of its viewers.

Some might not be to your taste (“La La Land,” you and I have had our differences).

But this is an an incredibly strong in-theater line-up, especially for the money. Now, I know some of these are already on home video and streaming. My reasonably educated guess is that it is cheaper to see it here than rent it from home.




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