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‘Arrival’ is the year’s best sci-fi film, bar none

10:03 am Sep. 23, 2016

Let’s get one thing clear: It takes nothing away from “Arrival” — as powerful as it is — to note that director Denis Villeneuve and writer Eric Heisserer were working with extraordinary raw material.

“Arrival,” which

Mike Judge’s ‘Idiocracy’ returning to theaters!

10:00 am Sep. 21, 2016

Mike Judge’s “Idiocracy” returning to theaters for its 10th anniversary, thanks to the Alamo Drafthouse, the Art House Convergence Theaters and local League of Women Voters chapters.

Members of the cast and crew of “Idiocracy” will

AGLIFF review – ‘Kiki’

10:41 pm Sep. 11, 2016

It’s been 25 years since audiences were first introduced to the Ballroom scene in New York City thanks to the iconic documentary “Paris Is Burning” and Madonna’s hit single “Vogue.”

Swedish filmmaker Sara Jordeno co-directed this

AGLIFF review – ‘Bright Shadow’

10:07 pm Sep. 11, 2016

I suspect that many Austinites are familiar with having a favorite local band or artist who you champion, frequently going out to their live shows and wondering why national success has eluded them. Jesse Lyda’s documentary tells

AGLIFF review – ‘Free CeCe!’

9:31 pm Sep. 11, 2016

Director Jacqueline Gares was a showrunner for the long-running LGBT news program “In The Life,” which aired on PBS for twenty years. Before she found out that the show was ending, she had already started

AGLIFF review – ‘Political Animals’

8:00 pm Sep. 10, 2016

“This is personal. There is no definition of family that does not include my family.”  

When you think about California politics, the color blue springs to mind. It is one of the most progressive states