“Serenity,” Tombstone” and “Django Unchained” will screen at Salt Lick

It’s a tremendous combination: Barbecue, a six-gun and Reavers.

p89596_p_v8_acOn alternate Sundays starting Aug. 28, the Alamo Drafthouse will co-host three screenings at the Salt Lick’s Pecan Grove, the  scenic outdoor space adjacent to the original Driftwood restaurant.

The theme is contemporary Westerns and neo-Westerns: George P. Cosmatos’s “Tombstone” (surely we all remember Val Kilmer absolutely kill it as Doc Holliday) on Aug. 28, Quentin Tarantino’s “Django Unchained” on Sept. 11 and Joss Whedon’ sci-fi Western  Serenity (9/25).

Each screening event will kick off at twilight with a barbecue buffet featuring the Salt Lick’s signature brisket, ribs, and sausage, although each screenings will still be BYOB in true Salt Lick fashion.

In the upcoming weeks, the Drafthouse will announce several more screenings for the fall and winter.

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