Should you see “Ghostbusters?” Love it or hate it, people have opinions

GhostbustersFor all sorts of reasons, Paul Feig’s comedy “Ghostbusters” has proven the summer’s most controversial movie…and we are interested to hear what you think.

Here’s the review the American-Statesman is running, an extremely positive take.

Over here, the picture’s stars talk about the fairly gnarly misogyny the movie has generated.

Across the internet at Rotten Tomatoes, critics seem fairly evenly divided.

And nobody can figure out if the new theme works or not.

I have not seen the new one (long story, boring) but there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • There is no such thing as a bad movie ruining your childhood
  • As brilliant as the original was and is, it is important to remember this franchise isn’t exactly sacred. The “Ghostbusters” animated series exists, as does “Ghostbusters II”
  • That said, I count myself as one of the few people who likes much of  the second movie. The stuff where all of New York City has to hold hands and like each other is junk, but I ride hard for Peter MacNicol as possessed art restorer Janosz Poha in “II.” My brother and I long ago worked his immortal line: “Everyzing you are doing is bed, I vant you to know dis” into our regular movie quote rotation.



Author: Joe Gross

Joe Gross has covered books, movies, music and culture for the American-Statesman since 2002. He tweets at @joegross.

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