In case you were wondering why we call Matthew McConaughey Austin’s spirit animal…


Matthew McConaughey in “Free State of Jones”

It’s around noon for me but evening in Cape Town, South Africa when Matthew McConaughey gets on the phone to discuss his new movie “Free State of Jones.”

“Wait, are you in Austin?” he asks, sounding slightly tired.

It’s a press day for him, he is probably doing a whole mess of these interviews, but he is also in the middle of shooting the increasingly anticipated “The Dark Tower,” the film adaptation of the popular Stephen King novels and McConaughey’s first foray into fantasy franchise filmmaking.

I confirm that yes, I am calling from Austin.

And then Matthew McConaughey delivers completely on being the Matthew McConaughey that prompts us to call him Austin’s spirit animal.

“How’s the weather? What’s going on? WE GOT OUR WATER TABLE BACK UP!” he says. “I’ll be back soon.”


Coming soon to Austin Movie Blog: More from Matthew McConaughey on his new film “Free State of Jones” and how he feels about Austin.

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