Weirdly funny ‘Elvis & Nixon’ finds its groove

Kevin Spacey, Michael Shannon and Gus Rhodes in "Elvis & Nixon." (Steve Dietl/Amazon Studios/Bleecker Street/TNS)

Kevin Spacey, Michael Shannon and Gus Rhodes in “Elvis & Nixon.” (Steve Dietl/Amazon Studios/Bleecker Street/TNS)

“Elvis & Nixon” is bizarre, but in a good way.

It takes a while to get used to the offbeat tone — and the reality that neither Michael Shannon nor Kevin Spacey resembles Elvis Presley or Richard Nixon. But the movie starts to click as it moseys along.

It all starts in 1970, when Elvis is watching his wall of TVs in Graceland. This was before the advent of cable, so Elvis is confined to seeing what the networks are showing, and the Army veteran isn’t too pleased about all the protests against the Vietnam War.

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