‘Criminal’ is a goofy — but good — action movie

Kevin Costner in "Criminal." (Jack English/Lionsgate)

Kevin Costner in “Criminal.” (Jack English/Lionsgate)

Katie Walsh – Tribune News Service

The opening of “Criminal” might make you think you’re in for a Jason Bourne movie starring Ryan Reynolds. Nope. What you’re in for is a delightfully cheesy 1990s-style action movie starring Kevin Costner, Tommy Lee Jones and Gary Oldman, with Costner doing a Liam Neeson-style tough guy career reinvention. It’s quite the bait and switch.

“Criminal” is written by the screenwriting team behind “The Rock” and “Double Jeopardy,” and directed by Ariel Vromen, who recently helmed the creepy Michael Shannon hitman movie “The Iceman.” Jones plays Dr. Franks, a researcher who has developed a process to transplant one person’s memories into another person’s brain.

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