In Danish drama ‘A War,’ nobody wins, everybody loses a little


Michael O’Sullivan – Washington Post

Like his 2012 film “A Hijacking,” Danish writer-director Tobias Lindholm’s drama “A War” explores the theme of moral compromise with an uncomfortably astringent honesty.

Set in a remote military outpost in Afghanistan, the Oscar-nominated film revolves around the commander of a unit of Danish soldiers who, after issuing an order that results in unintended collateral damage, finds himself caught in a three-way dilemma of duty: to his own men; to the Afghan civilians whose hearts and minds he’s there to win; and to his family.

There is no way that Claus (Pilou Asabaek) can square away all three, and Lindholm recognizes this, with a story whose resolution echoes with the tinny, off-key music of concession.

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