‘Touched With Fire:’ Ah, to be young, in love, and a bipolar artist (Our grade: C+)

Katie Holmes and Luke Kirby in "Touched With Fire."

Katie Holmes and Luke Kirby in “Touched With Fire.”

Carla (Katie Holmes), a published poet with at least one book under her belt, just wanted to look up her medical records — she’s having trouble remembering what she was like before she was sick — but accidentally commits herself. Oops!

Marco (Luke Kirby) calls himself “Luna” — as in both the moon and “lunatic” — and has recently flushed his meds. He recites his poems at rap battles and lives in an impossibly cluttered apartment with books open on the floor and marked-up newspapers everywhere. His father (Griffin Dunne) has him committed.

And so these two find each other in first-time feature writer/director Paul Dalio’s “Touched With Fire,” which was called “Mania Days” when it screened at South By Southwest last year. And yes, it’s a little cute.

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