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Ellen Page and Ian Daniel round out SXSW Film keynotes

2:00 pm Feb. 29, 2016

Academy Award-nominated actress and activist Ellen Page and her friend Ian Daniel — who are co-creators of the new documentary series “Gaycation” — are the final SXSW film keynote speakers, it was announced Monday.

Page and

‘Spotlight,’ diversity win big at Spirit Awards

5:40 pm Feb. 28, 2016

The Independent Film Spirit Awards gave “Spotlight,” the newsroom drama about uncovering a history of abuse in the Catholic Church, the top honor — best picture – as well as best director for Tom McCarthy,

‘Son of Saul’ packs a wallop (Our grade: A-)

1:15 pm Feb. 25, 2016

“Son of Saul” has to be one of the most harrowing movies ever made about the Holocaust.

The emotions are so complicated, the scenes so horrifying, that it’s hard to watch at points.

The movie from Hungarian

‘Eddie the Eagle’ will win you over (Our grade: B)

1:15 pm Feb. 25, 2016

Katie Walsh – Tribune News Service

A cheery tale of unlikely sporting triumph, “Eddie the Eagle,” directed by Dexter Fletcher, offers up a retro feel-good yarn about the power of determination. While it’s often conventional, you’d have

First trailer for “Pete’s Dragon” and second for “Midnight Special” look pretty awesome

11:10 am Feb. 24, 2016

First up, we have the trailer for Disney’s 2016 remake of “Pete’s Dragon,” which is helmed by Texas director David Lowery, whose only other feature as a director is the excellent “Ain’t Them Bodies Saints.”  Rumor has it the remake takes very, very little from the original, which is probably wise. The sequence from 1:11 to 1:20 is pretty stellar (and recalls some of the emotional beats from the still-excellent