New ‘Macbeth’ is a mumbling mess (Our grade: D)

Michael Fassbender in "Macbeth." (Photo courtesy StudioCanal/TNS)

Michael Fassbender in “Macbeth.” (Photo courtesy StudioCanal/TNS)

Mick LaSalle – San Francisco Chronicle

The failure of director Justin Kurzel’s “Macbeth” is all the more disappointing in that the world is once again ready for this particular Shakespearean tragedy. An era-defining “Macbeth” would be understood today with a freshness and intensity it could not have achieved decades ago.

Think about it: The enormous popularity of “Hamlet,” from the years following World War I through the 20th century, coincided with a time of alienated youth, and of an economy that valued, more than it had ever previously, traits that Hamlet possessed in abundance: innovation, individuality, personality. Hamlet was the modern man trapped in a Medieval intrigue, and 20th century audiences understood him and felt for him.

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