Alamo Drafthouse sponsors faintly insane Star Wars movie marathon contest

 Considering the Alamo Drafthouse is built on a love of genre pictures and “Star Wars” turned the humble sci-fi movie into the biggest franchise of all time, you can imagine that the Drafthouse is pulling out all the stops.
Alamo Drafthouse is putting together a contest in which seven seven pre-selected fans will take their seats at Alamo’s South Lamar venue to view the first six STAR WARS films in sequential order starting 4 a.m. Dec. 17.

A mess of Star Wars fans (courtesy Alamo Drafthouse)
A mess of Star Wars fans (courtesy Alamo Drafthouse)

From the Drafthouse website:

“Following the close of the initial marathon they will then participate in an endless, round-the-clock screening of “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” until one final fan is left to claim their mantle of inter-galactic super fan supremacy.

“‘At Alamo Drafthouse we’re big fans of STAR WARS and testing the boundaries of human endurance,’said Tim League, CEO and Founder of Alamo Drafthouse. ‘What better way to anoint the ultimate super fan than inviting them to watch these remarkable films on the big screen until they drop? Literally.’

“The last remaining fan will win: a seven-year movie pass to Alamo Drafthouse theaters, a complete set of 2015 and 2016 Topps Star Wars Card Reader cards, and some mega-rare STAR WARS Mondo prints. Plus, they’ll have a theater seat named in their honor complete with a special nam ing ceremony.

“For a chance to be chosen as one of the seven fan for “Star Wars: The Force Awakens,”  fans need to show the Alamo Drafthouse their Jedi devotion on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook using the #AlamoJedi hashtag.

“Tattoos, toy collections, cosplay, Hoth haiku — whatever he or she feels shows their ultimate dedication to STAR WARS should be posted to sway the votes of the Alamo’s Jedi Council.

Participants will be given breaks between movies to stretch their legs and channel their inner Force. Sleeping, illegal drugs and talking & texting during the movies (of course) will result in disqualification.”

Entries are due Dec. 10. Here are the official rules.


Author: Joe Gross

Joe Gross has covered books, movies, music and culture for the American-Statesman since 2002. He tweets at @joegross.

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