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‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ Strikes Austin

9:38 pm Dec. 17, 2015

Ten minutes to showtime, a marching band followed by legions of storm troopers and Jedi knights paraded in front of the Alamo Drafthouse South Lamar into the crowded theater to celebrate the opening of ‘Star

Great cast can’t save ‘Sisters’ (Our grade: C)

11:30 am Dec. 17, 2015

Katie Walsh – Tribune News Service

A lot of talented and likable people came together to make “Sisters.” Stars Tina Fey and Amy Poehler are much beloved for their iconic TV characters, longtime “Saturday Night Live”

The beauty of ‘Youth’ lies in old age (Our grade: A-)

11:30 am Dec. 17, 2015

Italian director Paolo Sorrentino is making some of the most imaginative, gorgeous movies ever to grace the big screen, and he has done it again with “Youth.”

After winning the foreign language Oscar for 2013’s “The

Readers: Show us your ‘Star Wars’ photos!

9:00 am Dec. 13, 2015

Is your desk so crowded with Stormtrooper action figures that it looks like the Death Star? Have you dressed like Han Solo every Halloween for ten years straight? Does your dog bear an uncanny resemblance