“Wake*Up, Dead Men” playing on KLRU.org through March 2016

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KLRU.org is hosting director Deborah S. Esquenazis’ documentary “”Wake*Up, Dead Men:A Retrospective of Bruce Jackson’s Prison Farm Photography, 1965-1975”

Screen-Shot-2015-09-28-at-12.51.22-PM-300x168The film from highlights Bruce Jackson’s visits to 1960s “prison farms” in Texas.

Jackson, a folklorist, documentarian and photographer, was one of few documentarians to have received unprecedented access to the southern prison farms, which were modeled after the American slave plantation and occupied lands that plantations stood on before the Civil War.

Jackson studied black convict work songs and folk culture, highlighting the parallels between slave plantations and these now-vanished prison farms.

The film showcases Jackson’s photography tracing the roots of the prison farm into today’s massive prison system and industrial prison complexes. The film will be available online at klru.org through March 2016.


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