‘Labyrinth’ offers compelling tale of Nazi war crimes investigation (Our grade: B+)

Alexander Fehling as Johann Radmann in "Labyrinth of Lies."

Alexander Fehling as Johann Radmann in “Labyrinth of Lies.”

In the late 1950s, lots of people in West Germany were still reluctant to acknowledge the truth about the Holocaust, the horrors of Auschwitz and the reality that many former Nazis and camp guards were going on with their lives without fear of prosecution.

Into this period of denial walks a young public prosecutor, Johann Radmann (Alexander Fehling), who’s tired of dealing with petty crimes and faces a seemingly long road up the office ladder. But everything starts to change when journalist Thomas Gnielka (André Szymanski) shows up at the courthouse with documents indicating that a former Auschwitz guard is actually a local schoolteacher.

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