‘Bridge of Spies’ is classic Spielberg (Our grade: B+)

Tom Hanks stars in "Bridge of Spies." (Dreamworks)

Tom Hanks stars in “Bridge of Spies.” (Dreamworks)

Jane Sumner – Special to the American-Statesman

Our U-2 reconnaissance aircraft had been flying over Soviet territory for four years, but when one of the spy-in-the-sky planes was shot down and its pilot Francis Gary Powers captured by the Russians on May 1, 1960, it was front-page embarrassing news.

The espionage backstory is big and complex. So for “Bridge of Spies,” director Steven Spielberg focuses on a key player devoted to justice and in today’s divisive times, delivers a fanfare to honor, duty and the one thing that makes us all Americans: the rule book we call the Constitution.

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