‘Deathgasm’: The perils of heavy metal (Our grade: B-)

Kimberley Crossman stars in "Deathgasm."

Kimberley Crossman stars in “Deathgasm.”

Anita Gates – New York Times

Few things are scarier than born-again Christians turned into demons by heavy-metal music and attacked with their own giant sex toys. “Deathgasm,” written and directed by Jason Lei Howden, offers that scene about halfway through, when pretty much everybody in the Christians’ town is in the same shape because members of a newly formed teenage band didn’t notice that the ancient sheet music they found was decorated with satanic symbols.

Howden’s gorefest, set and filmed in New Zealand, has way too much projectile vomiting of blood for genteel tastes, a series of close-up beheadings and one too many scenes (i.e., one) of a slain human’s internal organs tumbling onto the floor.

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