Human rights documentary “Camp 72” screening Oct. 10 at the Blanton

Director, journalist and UT graduate Seema Mathur hosts a screening of her documentary “Camp 72” 6 p.m. Oct. 10 at the Blanton Museum. It is the award-winning journalist’s first feature.

Seema Mathur conducting an interview for "Camp 72"

Seema Mathur conducting an interview for “Camp 72”

Mathur examines the story of Gladys, a woman forced to watch the murder of her mother at the hands of a National Patriotic Front of Liberia (NPFL) fighter. Gladys was subsequently kidnapped as a sex slave by the rebel group, held in an area called Camp 72. More than a decade after the 14-year civil war, Gladys is trying to rebuild her life, even as the man who raped her and killed her mother lives in freedom miles away — he was not prosecuted for war crimes. The  documentary looks at the conflict and the ongoing quest for justice through the eyes of survivors, warlords, local activists and four Nobel Laureates.

A discussion will follow the screening with the filmmakers, former Liberian Truth and Reconciliation Chairman Jerome Verdier and foundation for Women CEO Deborah Lindholm.

Tickets are $25. Contact the Blanton for more information.


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