‘Confessions of a G-List Celebrity’ worth a look

James C. Leary and pillow

James C. Leary and pillow

James C. Leary is an Austin actor who recently starred in “Late Night Time Machine with Teddy Hancox” but he is likely best known for a role that didn’t feature his face at all: a two-year recurring stint as Clem, the loose-skinned demon, on “Buffy the Vampire Slayer.” He’s also had roles in the HBO series “The Comeback” and NBC’s “Passions.”

He has also started an excellent blog called “Confessions of a G-List Celebrity” over at GeekNation.com (the “G” standing in for both celebrity level and geek). There have only been two entries so far, but it is a blast, a funny, thoughtful, sometimes moving look at the sort of comic/nerd-culture level celebrity who does the convention circuit and, well, until getting sober two years ago, turned drinking himself blind into a nasty addiction.

I am mildly allergic to recovery memoirs, but I really like Leary’s tone in this thing. A few random sentences:

“I was 24 years old when I got to La La Land and surprisingly I did a few things right … and then a whole hell of a lot wrong … that ultimately led to me being 39 years old face down in an Austin, Texas field covered in ant bites.”

“My first (convention) ever was San Diego Comic Con in 2002 which was kind of like losing your virginity to a porn star. People actually paid money for my autograph. They wanted pictures with me. I got … attention. For the shy, chubby kid that got picked on, beat up, and laughed at by middle school girls … it was a drug like no other.”

Find Leary’s awesome, awkward memories over at geeknation.com.

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