‘Queen of Earth’ explores dark places in weirdly funny ways (Our grade: B+)

Elizabeth Moss stars in Alex Ross Perry's "Queen of Earth."

Elizabeth Moss stars in Alex Ross Perry’s “Queen of Earth.”

Michael Phillips – Chicago Tribune

Set in and around a deceptively peaceful Hudson River Valley lake cabin, it’s a fine showcase for Elisabeth Moss, who played Jason Schwartzman’s exasperated ex in “Listen Up Philip.” Moss’s portrayal of Peggy Olson across the seasons of “Mad Men” offered her a classic hit-series paradox: a limited wide range to explore.

Here, in all of 89 minutes, the range is practically limitless. Moss, also one of the film’s producers, sinks her teeth into a seriously troubled kaleidoscope of a woman who is falling apart. Even when Perry’s various stylistic influences, ranging from Roman Polanski to Rainer Werner Fassbinder, threaten to tear his movie apart at the seams, Moss and co-star Katherine Waterston (“Inherent Vice”) keep it together and keep it interesting.

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