Austin Film Festival confirms a few new panels

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A few new panels have been announced for the Austin Film Festival which kicks off Oct. 29. No word on who exactly is on them, but I am sure we will get there soon. Look for the following

Conversation with Jonathan Nolan (as in the brother of Christopher Nolan, creator of “Westworld,” writer of “Interstellar,” “Memento,” “The Dark Knight,” “The Dark Knight Rises” and more) 

Bloodline: Writing the Family Noir (as in the Netflix’s thriller “Bloodline” — season two is slated to launch in 2016.)

The Depp11408505_b_v8_adths of Development

Inside the Writers Room: Daredevil (likely to feature Christos Gage, Ruth Fletcher Gage, producer Joe Pokaski)

“Net”-working: A Screenwriters Guide to Social Media

Now That You’re Optioned, What Are Your Options?

Point of (Inter)View: Storytelling through Documentaries

Writing Pre-Existing Characters

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