The reviews are in: ‘Fantastic Four’ left critics fantastically underwhelmed

Michael B. Jordan plays Johnny Storm, a.k.a. the Human Torch, in "Fantastic Four." (Photo courtesy 20th Century Fox/TNS)

Michael B. Jordan plays Johnny Storm, a.k.a. the Human Torch, in “Fantastic Four.” (Photo courtesy 20th Century Fox/TNS)

The latest superhero flick, “Fantastic Four,” has yet to hit theaters, but the first wave of critical reviews have already surfaced. However, Marvel’s first family seems to have left most film critics fantastically underwhelmed. Entertainment website HitFlix called the movie “powerfully mediocre,” and ruled it neither a disaster nor a success.

A review from the Miami Herald agreed, “‘Fantastic Four’ lives up to it’s bad buzz.”

We scoured the internet to round up more reviews and see what everyone else is saying about the latest Marvel movie:

• Variety: Fox’s attempt to revive an inherited Marvel property feels like an also-ran in the comicbook-adaptation sweepstakes

• Forbes: “Fantastic Four” Is A Tragic Chore

• The Guardian: “Fantastic Four” review – a dawdling indie drama dressed up in superhero garb

• The Independent: “Fantastic Four” film review: The plot of this updated reboot is full of black holes

• The Wrap: “Fantastic Four” Review: 10 Minutes of Michael B. Jordan-Kate Mara-Miles Teller Chemistry, 1 1/2 Hours of Bad Story

• The Telegraph: Josh Trank’s grindingly dour Marvel adaptation views super-powers with fear rather than fun

• AV Club: Fourth time is not the charm for “Fantastic Four”

• Uproxx: “Fantastic Four” is not the worst superhero movie ever, so there’s that

• The New York Times: Review: “Fantastic Four,” the Reboot (Wanted or Not)

• The Washington Post: “Fantastic Four” reboot sets franchise back, in more ways than one

Why all the lack-luster reviews? As the Miami Herald put it, the film “is so bereft of all the things we expect from a superhero movie — humor, excitement, adventure, awe — that it plays like a drawn-out pilot episode for an upcoming TV series no one will ever watch again.”

A scene from "Fantastic Four." (Photo courtesy 20th Century Fox/TNS)

A scene from “Fantastic Four.” (Photo courtesy 20th Century Fox/TNS)

The rest of the world can decide for themselves how they feel about the movie starting this Friday, when it premiers in theaters.

In related news, “Fantastic Four” stars Kate Mara (Sue Storm), Micheal B. Jordan (Johnny Storm) and Jamie Bell (Ben Grimm) have all recently come to the defense of their co-star Miles Teller, who plays the brains of the operation, Reed Richards, after Esquire gave Teller’s recent cover interview a less-than-nice review.

Are you feeling excited or “eh” about the upcoming flick? Let us know in the comments.

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