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Linklater’s ’80s movie pushed to 2016

3:41 pm Jul. 27, 2015

Indiewire reported Monday afternoon that Austin filmmaker Richard Linklater “spiritual sequel” to “Dazed and Confused”  — which, at various points, has been called “That’s What I’m Talking About,” and “Everybody Wants Some” (the latter

‘Meet Me in Montenegro’ screening on Tuesday

2:46 pm Jul. 24, 2015

Former Austin director Alex Holdridge, who has been living in Berlin for the last few years, is coming back to Austin this week for a special Tuesday night screening of his latest movie, “Meet Me

‘Tangerine’ glows (Our grade: B+)

1:15 pm Jul. 23, 2015

If you are a moviemaker or someone who follows the ins-and-outs of various technical accomplishments in filmmaking, you might have already heard of director Sean Baker’s exceptionally impressive “Tangerine.”

Not only is it a caustically funny,

Kat Candler to shoot “The Rusted”

11:39 am Jul. 23, 2015

The Wrap reported Thursday that Jena Malone has joined Josh Hutcherson (both of “Hungers Games” fame) in the short thriller “The Rusted.”

Project Imagination invited contestants of all skill levels to create a 60-second trailer for