Unhinged passions boil in ‘Alleluia’ (Our grade: B+)

Michel (Laurent Lucas) in "Alleluia."

Michel (Laurent Lucas) in “Alleluia.”

Stephen Holden – New York Times

The expression “amour fou” barely begins to describe the unhinged passions that boil in “Alleluia,” the Belgian director Fabrice Du Welz’s reimagining of the 1970 crime classic “The Honeymoon Killers.” That docudrama was inspired by the murderous real-life exploits of Raymond Fernandez and Martha Beck, lovers who achieved tabloid notoriety as the Lonely Hearts Killers in the late 1940s.

“Alleluia,” which is set in the present, begins the afternoon that Gloria (Lola Dueñas), a middle-aged single mother with a resemblance to Anna Magnani, connects with Michel (Laurent Lucas), a suave, handsome shoe salesman with an avaricious smile, on an Internet dating site.

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