‘Stanford Prison Experiment’ — disturbing and fascinating (Our grade: B)

Michael Angarano (Christopher Archer), Ki Hone Lee (Gavin Lee/3401), Brett Davern (Hubbie Whitlow/7528), Tye Sheridan (Peter Mitchell/819), Johnny Simmons (Jeff Jansen/1037), Ezra Miller (Daniel Culp/8612), and Chris Sheffield (Tom Thompson/2093) in "The Stanford Prison Experiment."

“The Stanford Prison Experiment.”

Mick LaSalle – San Francisco Chronicle

“The Stanford Prison Experiment” is a straightforward dramatization of the 1971 experiment of the same name.

Nothing fancy here — director Kyle Patrick Alvarez and screenwriter Tim Talbott just tell the story and let the material unfold at a natural pace, because they know something that the audience soon figures out: These events are so gripping and so creepy, and ultimately so dispiriting in their implications, that no embellishment was necessary.

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