Kat Candler to shoot “The Rusted”

The short film that Austin director Kat Candler (“Hellion”) was hired to direct for Ron Howard and Canon’s “Project Imagination” has a name and a new cast member.

Poster for "The Rusted" director Kat Candler's last feature "Hellion"

Poster for “The Rusted” director Kat Candler’s last feature “Hellion”

The Wrap reported Thursday that Jena Malone has joined Josh Hutcherson (both of “Hungers Games” fame) in the short thriller “The Rusted.”

Project Imagination invited contestants of all skill levels to create a 60-second trailer for a non-existent film; the winning trailer would provide the inspiration for a short film which would then be produced.  (It was also a promotion for Canon’s Trailer Editor tool.)

The winner, “Tainted Water” was created by Florida-based college student Mark Mukherje.

Said the Wrap: “‘The Rusted’ tells the story of a brother and sister who begin renovating their childhood home into a recording studio, when strange happenings force them to face memories of the past.”

Sounds cool, but someone please tell these kids that running a recording studio is a very, very hard way to make a living these days.


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