Jake Gyllenhaal pounds ‘Southpaw’ into your head (Our grade: C+)

Credit: Scott Garfield

Credit: Scott Garfield

Blood, sweat and tears flow all over the screen in Antoine Fuqua’s boxy boxing melodrama “Southpaw” with a ripped and often enraged Jake Gyllenhaal oozing all three at once as star-crossed pugilist Billy “the Great” Hope.

According to Fuqua and first-time feature screenwriter Kurt Sutter (“Sons of Anarchy”), not since God cold-cocked Job has one man been as done over by fate as Billy Hope. Both Hope and his beloved wife, Maureen, (Rachel McAdams) were raised in Hell’s Kitchen orphanages, and Hope fights as if he has nothing to lose, declining to block punches and winning on sheer, brutal rage.

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