Congrats to Austin filmmaker Drew Xanthopoulos on hitting his Kickstarter goal

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Austin filmmaker Drew Xanthopoulos has been raising money via Kickstarter for “The Sensitives,” his documentary about families struggling with the effects of chronic illness from Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS), also known as the thing that Julianne Moore had, sort of, in “Safe.”

photo-originalXanthopoulos served as the cinematographer for fellow Austinite PJ Raval’s “Rantings” scene from the 2011 “Slacker” remake via the Austin Film Society, the original short film version of Austinite Kat Candler’s “Hellion” and Mike Mayer’s 2013 documentary “Mortified Nation,” about the stage project Mortified.

For this film, Xanthopoulos met families around the U.S. with MCS, exploring how lives are changed by a confusing and misunderstood condition.

On July 15, Xanthopoulos’ month-long Kickstarter ended, with $54,546 from 606 people. Xanthopoulos hopes to have a final cut in early 2016.

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