‘Aloft’ fails to ground its characters (Our grade: C)

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Cillian Murphy as Ivan in "Aloft."
Cillian Murphy as Ivan in "Aloft."

Cillian Murphy as Ivan in “Aloft.”

Rebecca Keegan | Los Angeles Times

“Aloft” sets up a compelling mystery — how could a loving mother abandon her son? — and then, frustratingly, refuses to solve it.

The first English-language film from Peruvian director Claudia Llosa follows a falconer (Cillian Murphy) as he embarks on a journey to find his eccentric, estranged mother (Jennifer Connelly). Instead of grounding its characters in a convincing world, the decades-spanning film shrouds them in a vague, New Age, woo-woo spirituality, making Connelly’s Nana, a single parent to one terminally ill boy and another underloved one, hard to really know.

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