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Cannes Day 5: Bad melodrama and ‘Mon Roi’

10:44 am May. 17, 2015

I might be in the minority, but I couldn’t stand Maiwenn’s latest movie, “Mon Roi,” which premiered in the Cannes competition on Sunday.

It’s self-indulgent claptrap about a failed romance and marriage.

Cannes Day 4: Winehouse doc a shocker

7:56 am May. 16, 2015

“Amy,” the new documentary directed by Asif Kapadia about the death spiral of jazz singer Amy Winehouse, has a familiar theme: the hounding of a famous young woman, her drug addictions, her path to self-destruction. It

Cannes Film Festival: ‘Irrational Man’ is lesser Woody

10:53 am May. 15, 2015

Woody Allen’s philosophical romance, “Irrational Man,” had its world premiere in Cannes on Wednesday, and the first question I’m always asked is: “Is this good Woody, or lesser Woody?”

It’s lesser. Thankfully, the press conference after

Cannes Film Festival: ‘The Lobster’ doesn’t rock

10:42 am May. 15, 2015

Greek director Yorgos Lanthimos made a name for himself with the quirky, twisted alternate world of “Dogtooth,” but his latest vision of an alternate world, “The Lobster,” simply drowns in its conceit.

Here’s the setup: There’s

Cannes Day 2: ‘Hateful Eight’ sneak footage

1:05 pm May. 14, 2015

While I was attending the screening of “Son of Saul” today, the wily Harvey Weinstein was having his own event: screening footage from several of his upcoming films at a special event that featured cocktails and snacks.

As you might imagine, I was one of the few North Americans at the “Son of Saul” screening. But I don’t regret it a bit. See my earlier post about the movie.

At any rate,