Robert Rodriguez hired for live-action “Jonny Quest”

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Deadline reported Tuesday that Austin director Robert Rodriguez has been tapped by Warner Bros to direct a live action version of the animated classic “Jonny Quest.” Rodriguez and Terry Rossio are working on a script from a draft by Dan Mazeau.

The latter wrote “Wrath of the Titans” (ouch). Rossio wrote the “Pirates of the Caribbean” movies (better…) and “the Lone Ranger’ (oof).

320px-Jonny-quest-logoFor those who have no idea who the subject is, “Jonny Quest” was a 1964 cartoon created by comic book artist Doug Wildey.

Prior to “Jonny,” Wildey was best known for gorgeous comic book art in the Western/cowboy genre. But “Jonny” changed everything.

Known for fluid animation, cutting-edge design and generally being pretty awesome, “Jonny Quest” concerned young Jonny, who young adventurer who traveled with world with his scientist dad, Dr. Benton Quest, his bodyguard Race Bannon and Jonny’s young friend Hadji (the latter of whom was a pretty sketchy ethnic stereotype, turban and all).

While lasting only 26 episodes, the show is a cult property that has become both nerd culture staple and scenario ripe for parody.

(Jonny was the focus of a custody battle on an episode of the Adult Swim cartoon “Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law;” another Adult Swim cartoon, “The Venture Brothers,” started as a take-off on “Jonny Quest.”)

There have been a couple of runs at making a live-action version of the thing; we’ll see how this goes.

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