Cannes Day 2: ‘Mad Max’ wins the press

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“Mad Max: Fury Road” got a rousing reception from the press in Cannes on Thursday, and director George Miller said he hoped people would see the film as a “visual mosaic” based on a “graphic novel with 3,500 storyboards.”

He said the idea for a new “Mad Max” popped into his head many years ago “and wouldn’t go away.”

The shooting of the movie in Namibia, he said, made him wonder whether “they were all crazy.”

At a press conference, Miller said he didn’t conceive the film a feminist statement, although some critics said they viewed it as such. Instead, he said, he saw the movie as being about Furiosa (Charlize Theron) trying to save five wives from a perilous situation, and then have her meet Max, whom he views as a “wild dog fighting for survival.”

Numerous critics asked Miller how he saw the film: As a remake, a reboot?

Miller said “it’s an episode in the life of Max … and a revisiting of that world.”

One of the most bizarre features of the film is a guitar player who’s strapped to the front of a war vehicle and plays loud rock music as his side goes to battle.

“There’s always the music of war,” Miller said, “whether it’s the drummer or bagpipes,” so he said this was a natural thing to do in a post-apocalyptic world.

He added: “The guitar, of course, also serves as a weapon since it’s a flamethrower.”

Miller was asked whether this was the beginning of a new franchise, and he seemed taken aback, despite widespread speculation of new movies.

“I’m a woman who has just given birth to a really big baby, and I’m not recovered enough to answer the question of whether I’ll deliver another. I’ve just come out of labor.”

But producer Doug Mitchell, who was also at the press conference, indicated that there were plans for more movies. To which Miller replied: “He’s a honey badger.”

Both Theron and Tom Hardy, who plays Max, said the long shoot in Namibia was difficult, and that they didn’t always understand what they were doing, mainly because there was so much action and little dialogue.

But both of them praised Miller after seeing the final result.

Theron, who’s from South Africa, said the shoot in Nambia was memorable. “I remember someone telling me that Namibia is the place that God created when he was angry.”


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