Crowe’s old-fashioned ‘Water Diviner’ aims to heal a war wound (Our grade: C+)

Russell Crowe stars as Joshua Connor in "The Water Diviner." (Photo courtesy Warner Bros. Pictures/TNS)

Russell Crowe stars as Joshua Connor in “The Water Diviner.” (Photo courtesy Warner Bros. Pictures/TNS)

By Roger Moore – Tribune News Service

Joshua Connor (Crowe) works his Australian ranch alone, using his intuition and divining rods to hunt for water, his cattle dog his only conversation companion. His wife (Jacqueline McKenzie) stays busy polishing their sons’ shoes, reminding him to read to the kids from their favorite book — “The Arabian Nights” — at bedtime.

But he reads to three empty beds. The boys went off on adventure four years before, and like thousands of their countrymen, didn’t come home from the Turkish peninsula that Winston Churchill sent them to invade. When Connor’s mad wife dies, he resolves to go fetch those sons and bury them beside her. If anybody can find their bodies, he can.

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