SXSW Film review: ‘The Visit’ ponders alien contact

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A scene from "The Visit."
A scene from "The Visit."

A scene from “The Visit.”

What would we do if an extraterrestrial lifeform did land on Earth? There’s no precedent, so how would we greet it, welcoming or skeptically, with an olive branch or might?

In director/screenwriter Michael Madsen’s  documentary “The Visit,” an event is staged that has yet to take place, extraterrestrial contact. The intriguing twist is that he gathered the real world agencies that would deal with such an encounter and we go step by step through the what-ifs and the inquiries.

“The Visit” offers philosophical ideals on the potentialities of a second genesis, our inability to recognize the unknown or inhuman and the illusion of control.

Essentially, Madsen’s work becomes a reflective exercise on ourselves, our place in this mostly unknown universe. Is it our awareness that could potentially be our greatest asset or has a lack of that maybe caused us to miss opportunities for contact?

Quirky, a rational and metaphysical conversation staged within a trial run. You can catch “The Visit” again at 6:45 p.m. Thursday at the Violet Crown.



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