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SXSW Film review: ‘Honeytrap’ looks at immigrant London

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The absence of affection in a young person’s life can be devastating, especially when in it’s place is nothing but the harsh realities of a violent unforgiving world.

Director/Screenwriter Rebecca Johnson’s first full-length feature, “Honeytrap,” is nothing less than brutal. Johnson subverts the male gaze as she walks us through the growing pains of a beautiful teenage Trinidadian girl, Layla, while she endures the violence almost every person she comes into contact with unleashes upon her.

“Honeytrap” is a highly localized narrrative set in Brixton, a predominantly Caribbean and African immigrant community in South London, giving it an appealing swagger.

The movie’s edge is due in part to its gritty locale and subject matter, the ubiquity of violence. Overall it is a unique glimpse into the female immigrant experience, tragic as it is, the often untold experience of many.

You can catch “Honeytrap” at the Rollins at the Long Center at 11 a.m. Wednesday.


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