Austin filmmaker Don Hertzfeldt’s short “World of Tomorrow” wins Sundance Grand Jury Prize

Austin filmmaker Don Hertzfeldt‘s animated short film “World of Tomorrow” won the Sundance Film Festival’s Short Film Grand Jury Prize. It beat out 59 other sort films (animation and live action are not separated for this competition.) It premiered Jan. 22 at the fest.

A still from "World of Tomorrow"

A still from “World of Tomorrow”

This is Hertzfeldt’s second win in this category; he won in 2007 for “Everything Will Be OK.”

His 2014 couch gag for the Simpsons’ was one of the greatest in the show’s history; indeed, considering how hit-or-miss that show has been since the end of the Clinton administration, it’s probably the single coolest thing the Simpsons has aired in the 21st century.

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