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AFF review: Once Upon a Crime: The Borrelli – Davis Conspiracy

4:18 pm Oct. 29, 2014

There is an unforgettable scene very early in “The Godfather Part II” that one cannot help but recall watching Sheldon Wilson’s fascinating documentary “Once Upon A Crime: The Borrelli-Davis Conspiracy.”

The corrupt Senator Pat Geary is

Four AFF screenings for Wednesday

9:45 am Oct. 29, 2014

Here are four titles to check out today at the Austin Film Festival.

“The Sound and the Fury”: It’ll be interesting to see how director James Franco adapts the great William Faulkner novel for the big

Three big movies at AFF tonight

12:51 pm Oct. 28, 2014

The Austin Film Festival continues Tuesday with three big screenings:

“Escobar: Paradise Lost”: You’d better be careful about falling in love. That’s the lesson for a young man who’s courting the niece of Colombian drug lord

John Ridley’s Austin-shot ‘American Crime’ is going to disrupt network TV

10:50 am Oct. 28, 2014

Cable has been eating network TV’s lunch for more than a decade, outpacing it with grittier, more relevant, more honest and just better storytelling.

The new head of programming at ABC was tired of it. He wanted to compete with cable. He brought in executive producer Michael MacDonald to shake things up and delve into topical and vital issues like race in America. MacDonald recommended “12 Years a Slave” screenwriter John

Panel highlights: A conversation with John Ridley

10:21 am Oct. 28, 2014

John Ridley is not afraid to show vulnerability and gratitude. He did it at the Oscars, where he won for his adapted screenplay of “12 Years a Slave,” and exhibited both traits again when he presented “Jimi: All is By My Side” at South by Southwest in March.

The filmmaker and novelist appeared in conversation Sunday at the Austin Film Festival and began his talk by explaining that he’s been in

AFF review: ‘Red Army’

9:52 am Oct. 28, 2014

Almost everyone over the age of 20 has heard a stunned Al Michaels shout, “Do you believe in miracles?” as the U. S. men’s Olympic hockey team skated to semi-final glory against the Soviet Union

RIP Houscore Horror Film Festival co-founder Corey Mitchell

9:20 pm Oct. 27, 2014

According to various reports, true crime author, and Housecore Horror Film Festival co-founder Corey Mitchell, 47, suffered a heart attack and died early Monday morning outside of Emo’s hours after the successful metal and movie

AFF review: ‘Jimmy Vestvood’

10:36 am Oct. 27, 2014

In Tehran, a man named Jamshid Fakhreinpour opens up his mail to discover he’s won the green card lottery. He excitedly begins to wave an American flag in the town square, but it dips onto the ground and becomes covered in gasoline. A cigarette flicked into the air lights his flag on fire and suddenly a hundred cell phones are capturing him manically waving it around in the air. This

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AFF winners: ‘Kings Surrender,’ ‘Once Upon a Crime’

4:38 pm Oct. 26, 2014

The Austin Film Festival announced other winners in its annual competition on Sunday, with “The Kings Surrender” winning the narrative feature award and “Once Upon a Crime” winning the documentary award. They join previous screenplay winners and the three big honorees, Edward Zwick, Jim Sheridan and Matthew Weiner.

The latest winners are as follows:

The Young Filmmakers Program Competition Grand Prize: Abby Thompson for her film “Special Is Just a Word.”

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